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      Scavenging of unusual taste in large cold storage

      Published:  2014-6-25 20:05:46
      Views: 17 

      How to remove the peculiar smell in large cold storage will be introduced in detail.

      First, large cold storage device after the end or temporary suspension of use again, cooling progress should be due: Daily mastery is at 8-10 degrees centigrade, at 0 C should be maintained for a period of time.

      Two, large cold storage board maintenance, pay attention to use should pay attention to hard objects for library body collision and scratch. Because it can form the bump and rust of the storeboard, it will increase the preservation function of the storehouse.

      Three. The sealing position of the large cold storage is kept, because the disassembly cold storage is made up of many insulation boards, so there is a fixed gap between the plates. The sealants will be sealed with sealants in the moving soil to prevent the atmosphere and moisture entry. Because it is being used to repair some effective positions of seals in time.

      Four, large cold storage ground maintenance, the general small disassembly type of cold storage ground use insulation board, the use of cold storage should prevent a large amount of ice and water, if there is ice, liquidation must not be used hard knocking, damage the ground.

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