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      Advantages of cold air drying products

      Published:  2014-3-1 20:02:58
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      Cold air drying can be widely used in the drying of aquatic products and other food and all kinds of agricultural goods, such as sashimi, mackerel, soft fish, sardine, willow fish, lilacs, shrimp and shellfish.

      The following are the advantages of cold air drying products.
      1, the use of internal circulation low temperature dehydration skills, for items of hair loss, stereotype, dry one time to achieve, than the conservative hot air drying out of the dry form of the dry form of energy saving.
      2, forced repetition, so that the cold air drying warehouse outside the high and low time difference, many fans repeat, the corner of the warehouse temperature and humidity symmetry.
      3, cold air drying warehouse amateur repetitive fan, to ensure that the dry matter symmetry, color differences, do not return to salt, do not need repeated development.
      4, the cold air drying storehouse measure automatic control, humidity automatic control, to ensure the appropriate temperature and humidity required for drying.
      5, grasp the fragmented initiative to grasp and appear, truly complete the initiative governance, no need to represent duty.
      6, fast drying, adopt the export loosening machine repeated dehydration treatment, energy saving, high reject rate.
      7, the adoption of 5 C -40 C was absolutely dried at high temperature. In the process of drying, the articles were not deformed, cracked, unchanged, unchanged, unoxidized, dry and completely reclaimed, and the nutrient factors were lost less, the storage period was long, and the color, aroma, taste, collective state and ineffectiveness of the dried objects were effectively protected than any conservative dry facilities. Factor.
      8, in the use of air drying at 15 degrees centigrade, it is beneficial to the fermentation of the articles under low temperature conditions. It has great assistance to the flavor generation, toughness and taste of the dry goods.
      9, the system noise is small, smooth operation, low running cost, the heat pump heat recovery piecemeal, than the conservative heat pump form energy saving above 50%.
      10, the machine has reverse phase, lack of phase screen, overcurrent shield, low voltage screen, high pressure and low pressure shield, overtemperature shield, and high safety function.

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