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      Influence and function of large cold storage in modern agriculture

      Published:  2014-3-6 20:02:26
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      Global warming, the temperature is getting higher and higher, especially this year, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other provinces, the drought is important, the Dongting Lake, the Pan Yang Lake water level is the lowest water level in the century, the water shortage of crops is important, even if the fruits and vegetables can be a whole, so high temperature, if there is no large cold storage, how to protect the civil cold storage The fresh activity of barrier agricultural goods, that is to say, the sale of agricultural goods from the field does not yield a good price. Who will buy PI Zou Zou, without fresh agricultural products? Isn't our farmer's younger brother the frost on the snow? Ben can't get back, so what's the hope of our farmer's younger brother? That will teach the farmers the confidence to grow vegetables.

      Because the preparation of combination or civil construction cold storage is the main form of progressive agricultural goods, combined large cold storage, although the cost of civil construction cold storage is not less, but can take the form of competition agencies to build alone, take a fire.  Possession of a combination of cold storage or civil cold storage will be able to sow agricultural goods in a large range, and different concerns for long periods of change, but also a small amount of storage, without worrying about selling, is the main means to increase farmers' income, and can also alleviate the official price of agricultural goods, prevent some Collector's collection of exotic groups, bid up the official price, for the entire official price. Stability plays a major role in easing inflation pressure and returning official prices back to normal trajectory.

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