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    1. 国产精品天干天干在线观看
      Hotline:0519-85786988 134-0168-5988
      About BLK
      About BLK
      Jiangsu Bolaike Refrigeration Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional company providing vacuum freezing whole solution, the company is located in Tianning District, Changzhou City.The company since 2003 into the field of refrigeration after the transformation of research and development of vacuum freeze-drying equipment.
      10+ year
      R & D focus on refrigeration equipment 10 years
      20+ item
      Obtained more than 20 honors
      30+ people
      Technical team of more than 30 people
      100+ sets
      More than 100 sets per year

      Our Advantage

      We uphold: Customer-centric, Licheng and trustworthy attitude
      • Profession

        Professional and creative team
        More advanced equipment supporting

      • Quality

        Strict product quality inspection team
        Obtained various industry honor certificates

      • Service

        One-to-one service, one minute response
        Good service is our principle

      • Price

        Quality assurance, high cost performance
        Reasonable price and great value for money

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